Having Tenacity

Never underestimate the power of persistence.Tenacious is described by Merriam-Webster as:

persistent in maintaining, adhering to,
or seeking something valued or desired

How is your social media marketing message adhering to this definition of tenacious? Is social media marketing an afterthought or something you do routinely? After all, your message is competing with literally billions of other messages and priorities daily.

Winning the social media race.

Being tenacious will help you win the social media marketing race. How?

It helps to add that those that burn the fastest, also burn-out the quickest. Just look around at your social media timeline and notice all the early-adopters who are no longer posting, Tweeting or otherwise even being present on social media. They did not have tenacity.

Being tenacious means having an ongoing social media presence and a plan even through adversity, to break-through and achieve your desired results: connecting with others.

Let Social Park Media help you engage, re-engage, and build a tenacious social media marketing plan that is right for you.

Why on earth would you pay for followers on Twitter?


Paid TwitterLately, many Twitter ‘strategist’ claim to be able to generate hundreds if not thousands of followers for you for one low price. You might even think paying $25 – $100 for thousands of followers IS a good deal, but one point it is not.

What entices someone to follow you?

Think for a minute.

Would you just follow someone that you had no interest in following? Probably not. So what makes you think someone else (that you would pay) could possibly make someone else want to follow your company or product if they are not interested in your content, thought leadership, or services? Would you pay for followers on Facebook? What about Google+ … No? Then why on earth would you pay for followers on Twitter?

Generating Interest

Followership is built through honest, ongoing dialog and interest. People follow, “like” or become a part of a community because they like what they post, they are interested in the pictures, products or services of that company or because they are interested in being a part of that community. The key concept is interest. People have to want what you are offering.

Interest cannot be paid for. It has to be created.

The next time you consider paying for followership, ask the ‘generator’ one simple question.

How are you going to generate interest for me?



Site Maintenance

MaintenanceAbout twice a year you should take a look at your Web site, social media, and other online presence through a pair of fresh eyes.

Does your site still convey the message you want? Has anything with your business changed? Do you have new services and products that aren’t being displayed on your site?

Maintenance is a crucial part of marketing and marketing your business is vital— don’t let a stale Web site give prospective clients a reason to visit your competitors.

Site maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be routine. Give us a buzz for more tips and information to keep you on the cutting-edge.

Are you using video effectively?

What can you do in six seconds?

That’s the Vine challenge.


Vine is a social media tool by Twitter that allows users to take and post six-seconds of video and then seamlessly post them to the Vine service. To use it, a user fires up the app on, points toward what she wants to record, and holds down an on-screen button to take the video. There is nothing else to do. Once six seconds of video is shot, the video is automatically uploaded to Vine (and alternatively, Twitter). That is the beauty. Simplicity of operation and little technical details to worry about.

So how can you use Twitter for your business or service?

Various ‘experts’ have their ideas, but you could use it to show off your product, show how your product is made, or detail the craftsmanship of your pieces.

However, I believe the value of the service is in its ability to show behind-the-scenes and let your audience connect with you. You could show them your workspace, your process flow, and how you blow off steam or have fun during the day.

Making connections, being personable and using tool that are easy to operate with minimal overhead have the power to make people understand a little bit more about you, your business and your services.

Changing Landscape of Social

Have you noticed big changes in social in just the last few months. Let’s retrace a few changes.

Rise of Twitter and Vine20130301-170003.jpg
Twitter, the funny little application that only allows 140 characters has come on strong. Now with over 500 million users, this is a social network with real teeth. No longer to play in the shadows of Facebook, Twitter has become a full-fledged competitor. Not content to rest on its heels, Twitter recently launched Vine, a video app (currently iPhone-only) that allows users to record and publish 6-second video loops to their Twitter accounts. It is brevity all over again, but this time with video in mind.

Another strong challenger to the Facebook throne is Google’s Google+. This social network has a strong following on other computer and mobile platforms, but it is a first-stop destination for the many Android and Google users. Features include strong circles (similar to groups) and free video conference features called Hangouts. With beautiful iOS and Android native apps, over 500 million people call this social network ‘home’.

Let us know how we can help you stake your claim on social networks and be present with followers and friends alike.

Changing Social Media Landscape


Social media is changing faster now, more than ever. Huge companies that were prominent just one year ago, are now considered inconsequential. Just a few years ago Yahoo, MySpace and AOL were the companies to beat. They were strong, filled with smart people and even smarter programmers.

But the landscape has changed. Google, YouTube, Apple, and Facebook now rule the roost and Yahoo, MySpace and AOL are playing catchup just to remain relevant.

So what has changed?

The public is fickle. People gravitate to what is hot. And what is hot in one year hasn’t even been invented yet. Make sure to work with a social media company that is not wed to one particular technology or platform, but that understands users, habits, and trends.

At Social Park Media, we constantly monitor the changing social media landscape and work with companies to deliver the best messaging and communication across a wide variety of platforms.

Give us a call. We’re here to help!

image © Erika Mlejova
for openphoto.net CC:NonCommercial-ShareAlike

Three success strategies you can use right now to create buzz for your business.


So, social media is not your thing? That’s fine to a degree, but what are you doing otherwise to help market and ensure success for your business?

We’ll look at three (3) small steps you can use right now to increase the visibility of your business without taking a lot of time or effort, and that you can easily work into your general marketing strategies.

1. Build your mailing list.
How are you increasing your mailing list? Do you have a mailing list strategy? Email marketing companies like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and iContact have tools for small businesses. if you do nothing else, take a look at all of their services and determine the one that is right for you. When you’re ready, give them a spin. Take that stack of business cards that you’ve collected from various events and at the coffee shop and add them to your mailing list. You’ll have them in electronic format, and you’ll be able to send them updates on your business services and offerings much easier than doing it one at a time.

No harm done in trying one—or all—of these services. All offer a free service for small businesses.

2. Work on your Web site.
Is your Web site outdated? Have you been meaning to freshen up your landing page? Add prices or payment options? What’s stopping you? We’re not talking a radical site makeover, but just updating one or two critical components of your Web site.

You know it needs doing so get to it! Those changes aren’t going to make themselves.

3. Get those business cards into circulation.
So you printed up 5,000 business cards for $50. And that stack of 4,995 are still sitting in the box they came in. It’s time for a reboot.

Take a small stack of business cards with you and the next time you’re at Starbucks, the gym, or waiting in line and you happen to strike up a conversation with a stranger, let the world know what you do by handing them your business card. This simple act will help you hone your conversational skills, but more importantly, it will get you some ROI (return on investment) on those cards. After all, they’re not doing much good sitting in a box, and you never know who might need your service just at the time you’re offering it.

Work these three items into your marketing routine and you will notice a change in your outlook regarding your business. Making new strategic contacts and customer interest just might be a welcome side effect.


Social Park Media helps small businesses and non-profits grow their social networks and online authenticity. Get started here.


Why the iPad is the new social media production platform of choice.

Apple’s iPad is a sleek, (relatively) lightweight, and highly competent tablet computer. Most people think of tablets as consumer devices, often overlooking their hidden virtues such as mobility, speed, applications, and add-ons. Social media professionals should definitely consider one for their arsenal.

Before getting my iPad I really saw the whole genre as an oversized, and unneeded extension of the iPod line of ‘computing’. I mistakenly figured it was something that I could play with and consume media on, but not really a device I could get serious production work done with. Over the course of the last few months, this little gem of glass and silica has completely changed my opinion not only of the device, but of the future of computing.

One of the reasons for portable computing is being able to take your computing anywhere you need to go with limited hassle. Smaller than average laptops and lighter, the iPad (and other tablets) is an extremely lightweight solution. The ability to throw one into a backpack and go at a moment’s notice is downright helpful. They are hardy, rugged devices with no hinges or moving parts to get in the way. Just a single piece of machinery. It is the very meaning of ‘thin’ computing.

My iPad is fast. It is always on (well, if it’s asleep, it is on at the touch of a button). It starts up quickly and is ready to serve my writing needs without a boot time. No wait states, no fuss. Apps launch quickly and with minimal application overhead. It’s just one heck of a speedy little device!

Much talk is made of the hundreds of thousands of applications (apps) available for mobile devices on iOS (Apple’s operating system for mobile computing) and Android devices (those devices that operate on Google’s version of mobile operating system). I won’t rehash the thousands of free and paid apps, but I will say that there are several applications that have made my social media management life easier and more efficient.

HootSuite is one such app that despite the lackluster performance on my home computers (a late model Mac mini and a MacBook laptop) actually runs faster on my iPad. It’s performance, literally blows away that of machines with a comparable price-point (in the case of the Mac mini) that are made for higher performance. The lack of legacy code and with the advent of HTML 5, this new brand of portable and lightweight computing, at times, simply out-performs machines costing more.

Similarly, the WordPress app has made blog updates, and even simple Web site changes possible without having to resort to my main computers.

The last item I will mention are all the add-ons and the goodies that extend the usefulness of your iPad or tablet device. Connect a bluetooth keyboard and now you are not only able to compute, but you can actually get some writing and/or coding done. Similarly, the addition of a cover or small carrying case means that you will have a device you want to take with you at a moment’s notice.

The iPad is not a cure-all for die-hard computing. It is still largely a single-app-at-a-time device—although I am listening to music and chatting with a friend in the background while writing this from the iPad—but it gets the job done elegantly and capably. Tasks are generally limited to what you’re doing at one time, and other tasks get frozen in the background, so if multi-tasking is your thing, the iPad may not be the device for you.

However, the next time you’re in the market for a computer, think about the intended uses and ask yourself what can you live with and live without. Weigh the costs, the weight, and the expense. The iPad, just might surprise you with it’s usefulness and extensibility for content production.

It has for this social media content producer.


Social Park Media helps small businesses and non-profits grow their social networks and online authenticity. Get started here.

Examining the costs of social media engagement.


When you think about what it takes to manage your social media presence, it can be an exhausting prospect. The manpower needed, the computer hardware and software, the constant flow of creating information that your followers will find useful or interesting. So what is the average business owner to do?

Analyzing the costs.

The most compelling portion of social media management is determining who is going to manage your social media engagement. Because of the 24-hour nature of social media and the relationship expectation of your followers (and potential customers), you will need to consider having a person on-staff or on-call. This can be a serious drain on resources. Not only do you have to consider someone to manage the networks round-the-clock, you will want someone experienced enough to handle a wide variety of inquiries and requests.

Software and Hardware
Technology changes rapidly, so do the social media tools needed to stay active and to manage the myriad of platforms you will want to engage on. Consider the cost not only of software, but the platforms they will run on. While thinking that you can manage your interaction from the relative ubiquity of an iPhone or Android device, the reality is that you will also need a substantial, dedicated computer set-up (usually with more than one screen) to actively manage your networks.

When thinking about manpower that will be needed to manage these networks, consider the costs of training an employee to manage the engagement. This hire will need to be schooled in subtle interactions, and to help you develop your social media ‘voice’. This person will need to be someone that can synthesize concepts, and should have great discernment and judgement in their interaction ability.

Social Park Media helps small businesses and non-profits grow their social networks and online authenticity. Get started here.

Social? Is it really for us?

Image courtesy of vichie81 at freedigitalphotos.net

Social media is transforming again. Are you ready?

Remember just a few short years ago, social was all about MySpace, BlackPlanet, Friendster … Now we have to contend with Pinterest, Twitter, and the king of them all … Facebook. If you’re not at least engaging with your audience, in some fashion, on one ore more of these networks, your business is missing critical exposure.

Let Social Park Media help you cut through the clutter and begin building your social media presence in a consistent manner.